Code of Conduct

This code has been introduced by the Committee to ensure
that playing with our club will always be in the Spirit Of Cricket

1. The captain

On the field, the captain’s decision is final and players should respect this at all times. Any disagreements with the captain should be voiced during the break of play and in a dignified, reasoned manner.

2. Clothing

Appropriate clothing should be worn on the field of play. If cricket ‘whites’ are not available, then white or cream coloured long trousers and a white or cream coloured polo shirt are acceptable.

3. Smoking

Smoking is not allowed on the field of play at any time.

4. Drinking

Drinking alcohol is not allowed on the field of play and players should restrain from consuming alcohol during the breaks of play.

5. Leaving before the end

The game does not finish until the last ball is bowled. All players have a duty to stay until the end of the match to thank the opposition and to help return and store the cricket kit.

6. Arriving Late

For all home games, players should aim to be at the hut at the meeting time, i.e. 11:30 unless specified otherwise by the match manager. On arrival, match fees and food brought for lunch should be given to the PCC finance committee, or match manager. It is important for the PCC team to be present and prepared before the opposition arrives and so arrival any later than 30 minutes after the meeting time will result in being fined an extra match fee. All players should help in bringing the gear to the pitch.

7. Safety Rules

The PCC safety rules should be observed at all times.

8. Grievances with other players

Cricket is a team game and we should act as a team. There should be no fighting or arguing amongst team members and any disputes of a cricketing nature should be left to the break and discussed in a reasonable and dignified manner with the captain.

Any conflicts of a personal nature should be left until after the game. Any repeated conflicts that detrimentally affect the team spirit within the club may result in one or more of the parties involved being ejected from the club.

9. Attitude in the Field

All players should play to the best of their abilities when representing the club and that includes all areas of the game, not just batting and bowling. The captain will reprimand players that show indifference and laziness in the field, especially if the attitude displayed is a gesture of defiance against the captain. Players are also encouraged to congratulate the bowler and fielders involved in taking a wicket.

10. The Opposition

Players representing PCC should respect the players of the opposing side. Efforts should be made to greet the opposition when they arrive and thank them when the match is over. Incoming batsmen should be clapped in and no rude gestures or insults made towards any opposing players. Players are encouraged to socialise with the opposition after the game.

11. Umpires

The umpire’s decision is final. No player may forcibly question the umpires decision and any insulting remarks made towards the umpire will be considered a very serious offence. PCC batsmen will walk when given out by the umpire without showing signs of dissent and will walk when they believe a catch to be taken even if the umpire is unsure.
Breaches of the code may lead to a fine, suspension or even a ban from the club

PCC Committee 9th January 2003